Why Work for Xavier


The Unique Benefits of Working at a Jesuit Institution

The Society of Jesus has been involved in the ministry of education since its founding in 1540. So we've had a long time to figure out the best way to operate. Books have even been written on the Jesuit methods of leadership. So we think we've got a lot of this down.

Working at a Jesuit institution is not the same as working at a Fortune 500 company. We offer a host of different, unique benefits that won't be found at most companies in the corporate world. Benefits such as:

  • Spiritual Reflection. As a Jesuit Catholic institution, we offer worship and spiritual programs for people of all faiths. Faculty and staff often take part in service projects, daily Mass and faith-sharing events. The Division of Mission and Identity also offers numerous ongoing programs throughout the year, such as the Loyola mentoring program, Assuring the Future and Mission Identity of Xavier (AFMIX), Walking the Mission discussion group, Conversations, Food for Thought and spiritual conversations.
  • Service Projects. Faculty and staff members often participate in many student-based activities, such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life and Adopt-a-Family.
  • Manresa. The sharing of our Jesuit Catholic tradition begins with Manresa, a three-part new-employee orientation program that details Xavier’s heritage. The program takes place either during lunch for three days, or overnight at the Jesuit spiritual center in Milford, Ohio. Tenure-track faculty also participate in an Ignatian Mentoring Program to help them assimilate the University’s mission into their professional identities as well as into their teaching and scholarship opportunities.

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